Thu, October 18, 2012

Striking ‘American Bruschetta’ Apartment // Geometrix


It’s always a pleasure to work out a design for a young, attractive and progressive family. When the architects of Geometrix talked to owners of apartment, they realized that the owners are enthusiastic people who like traveling and adventures, but appreciate the warmth of a home and love family reunions at the same time.

For the owners, kitchen is not only a functional area for cooking food, but also a place for their guests to gather. Adding mentally phrases like ‘American Steakhouse’ and ‘an Irish pub’, being inspired with images of American lofts, Geometrix decided to combine the idea of a cozy home café with an up-to-date design trend – the parametric architecture.

This is how the concept was born,– the concept that was based upon the contrast of new technologies and old tried-and-true materials. Distressed texture bricks serve as a background for a state-of-the-art kitchen decorated with white gloss varnish. Here there is everything you need for cooking culinary chefs-d’oeuvres. The zest of the interior is panels that ‘flow’ from a wall to the ceiling. It’s in making the panels that architects want to apply the principle of parametric architecture: each panel is cut out according to its unique pattern, and together they create an authentic and functional content. First of all, in the drop duct they can easily hide an air flue for the air extraction unit. Second of all, the curves of the panels make a very distinctive geometric shelf for a collection of owls that the flat owners have been building up for a long time. Thirdly, between the panels architects hid LED strips that thanks to their soft light would create the atmosphere of a café. The lights can be RGB which will allow changing the spirit of the room using a remote control. And last, but not least – Geometrix advantageously emphasized the bench in the bar area: it like flows out of the wall panels.

Under the bench architects arranged a functional storage system with sliding hatches. Besides, they made the wide window sill be functional too as a leisure area with the help of the same mattress as is laid on the bench and a few pillows. On a rainy day, it will be great to sit there on the warm window sill and read a book in the atmosphere of the home. The same principle was applied in construction of the bar counter: onto the upper part of the tabletop we put glass with a table games layout print.

On the brick wall you can see a silhouette of an owl made of enbronzed faceted glass. This is not only the symbol of the family, but also a place for a built-in Ad-Notam TV-set. When switched off, the TV panel is not visible. The down light over the bar counter that is made according to Geometrix’ design, and being a functional soft light lamp also serves as a usable wineglass holder thanks to gains in the blocks that easily accommodate feet of wineglasses; between the block architects built in LED strips that provide nice lighting of the wineglasses edges.



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