Tue, October 30, 2012

Casa HS Quinta da Baroneza // Studio Arthur Casas


The small 70’s residential building, located in one of Rio’s most charming neighborhoods, Urca, features modern and unpretentious lines and above all, exceptional view towards Guanabara Bay and Sugar Loaf. The client, an art passionate, dreamed about a contemporary and open house that focused on the city views. The original penthouse was badly damaged, so that became an opportunity for a renovation to give place to an apartment with a better spatial quality. Building a new floor and turning the penthouse into a triplex, made possible to gain more space, but also to exploit internal crossed views and exterior spaces, that extent the house into the landscape.

The new staircase became the central element of the house. Although it’s almost a transparent stair, it has a strong presence in the house, and generates a continuous movement from the interior space towards the stunning landscape. The zenithal light above the stairs illuminates the tree floors at once and brings Sugar Loaf inside the house.

The renovation maximized the spaces by removing walls and playing with transparency. The new interiors, filled with day light, are generous open spaces that mix themselves with external terraces, not only in the social areas but also in the most private parts of the house. The apartment design has clean and contemporary lines and still the penthouse manages to have a cozy atmosphere brought by the furniture and natural materials that were chosen. It was important to use mainly Brazilian design that would fit in the contemporary and tropical environment.

The Spa in the 3rd floor, with open pools, reveals itself in the main living room, trough voids in the ceiling. While seating in the couch, the owners can not only enjoy the view over the bay, but also stare at the water above.

Studio Arthur Casas








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