Wed, October 31, 2012

Algarrobos House / José María Sáez & Daniel Moreno Flores


Eight identical steel members, 18 meters long, placed along the x y z axis, confine the space for the house and at the same time open it as they project in different directions. They are abstract beams that are oriented looking for their relationship with the surroundings. This structure grants a necessary intermediation between landscape and individual: in its long dimension it generates the large cantilevers towards the ravine or the masts that mark the presence of the house, in its short dimension two beams are equivalent to one usable height.

The connection of the user with the place is what generates the project, architects seek to intensify the user’s connection with reality (place, material, activity) through a basic formal and construction system that at the same time reveals the origin of our thought process. By decanting elements through simplification and systematization and simultaneously enhancing their ability to generate relationships, designers seek an architecture that is universal, one that intensifies our relationship with a starting point in reality.

José María SáezDaniel Moreno Flores








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