Tue, November 6, 2012

Theatrical Interior – Ocaña Bar and Club in Barcelona // Ocaña


The most famous square in Barcelona is Plaça Reial, a delightful oasis within a stone’s throw from the Rambla and an inevitable point during our bike tours. The square, which dates from 1848 and is best known for its slim, tall palm trees and spacious arcade gallery along the four sides, has been renewed with the advent of the nightclub Ocana. Ocaña – a cafe, restaurant, cocktail bar and nightclub in one at number 15 – is a tribute to the artist José Pérez Ocaña.

In the seventies Ocaña was an icon for gay, lesbian and transsexual rights in Barcelona, who frequently dressed as a diva and shook his ass with pride at Plaça Reial where he lived. The new nightclub tries to retrieve the first years after the Spanish dictatorship and to become a perfect mix between New York and Ibiza in the centre of Barcelona. The restaurant is a modern Catalan bistro with a focus on fresh, healthy and seasonal ingredients and in the cocktail bar Apotheke you can drink delicious cocktails like the Bloody Mary Infusion.









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