Tue, November 13, 2012

Graduate Fashion Collection 2012 // Zoe Walker


Zoe Walker’s graduate collection was an ever evolving exploration of shape, experimental drape and pattern cutting. Taking initial inspiration from Traditional African dress making techniques of folding twisting and pleating fabric Zoe spent months working on the stand fusing these processes with flat pattern cutting and experimental approaches to shape making.

British sculpture also formed a key reference point in Zoe’s work. The work of Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Bernard Meadows all influenced her development and exploration of shape significantly. Zoe’s first collection is of muted neutral tones to draw the eye not to the colours or surface details but to the soft sensual shapes, light and shadow created by the fabric on the female body.

For all inquiries please contact Zoe Walker.

Via Not Just a Label
Images courtesy © Phoebe-Lettice Thompson








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