Sat, November 24, 2012

‘The Betrothed’ 2012 Fashion Collection // Mastori Motwary


A young man and a young woman are about to be married. They have never met nor seen each other, as their parents have decided the future for them. Based on experimental approach, the costumes reflect the multidimensional traditions of Cyprus, embellished by its many gamut conquerors, throughout the history of the island.

Embodying the form of superstitions, the need for inner evolution, the belief for salvation through religion, the jewellery carry the forms of triangular symbols, forcing both the man’s and woman’s attire to posit a protean and multi-cultural montage of local historical references. In short, the clothes are an encounter of influences, not concerned with segregation of disciplines and in dialogue between them.

For all inquiries please contact Filep Motwary and Maria Mastori.

Via Not Just a Label
Images courtesy © Thanassis Krikis








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