Sat, November 24, 2012

Light Installations at Waddesdon With Over 50,000 CD’s // Bruce Munro


Bruce Munro is one of the most exciting artists in the rapidly evolving field of light sculpture. This time he created two magical light installations on the North Front and Amphitheatre of Waddesdon. ‘Blue Moon on a Platter’ is made of thousands of second-use CDs pinned to the undulating banks of the Amphitheatre, which measures 28 meters across. In the centre, a ‘Moon’ holds 150 spheres containing coiled optic fibres within them. These glow with a changing palette of light, which is passed along the fibre optics via a metal halide projector. The ‘moonlight’ refracts and glitters across the CDs spreading in a carpet around it.

The second piece is ‘Angel of Light’ which was created by laying out approximately 50,000 CDs in a precise radial pattern across the North Front immediately in front of the House. Made with the help of a team of volunteers and inspired by Finnish composer Einujohani Rautavaara’s Symphony No 7, of the same name, visitors can walk through and around the work, which is illuminated at night by two concentric rings of battery-powered candle lanterns.

Bruce Munro
Via Waddesdon








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