Wed, November 28, 2012

Oostcampus Administrative Center // Carlos Orroyo Arquitectos


Spanish firm Carlos Arroyo Arquitectos has completed a renovation of Oostcampus which serves as the administrative centre for a municipality outside Bruges, composed of several small towns. It is located in a former Coca-Cola factory in Belgium, and after the renovation Oostcampus became a playful, open-concept meeting place.

The architects decided to save money and waste by refurbishing the interior. A wall of thin gypsum and fibre shells were moulded on site for the bubbled ceiling, with LED lights that reflect external weather. Felt furnishings and panels made from recycled plastic bottles added warmth and dampened sound, while ‘maps’ were painted on the polished concrete floors.

Carlos Orroyo Arquitectos
Photography by Miguel de Guzmán
Via Frame








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