Mon, December 3, 2012

Wood and Grieve Engineers Office // Woodhead


Wood and Grieve Engineers, recently took occupancy of part ground and Level 3 at the 4 star Office Design Green Star 226 Adelaide Terrace. Woodhead worked in collaboration with Wood and Grieve to create an adaptable and flexible new workplace environment to accommodate their existing staff requirements and future projected growth, catering for in excess of 230 engineering, administrative and support staff over the 3.000 m2 tenancy.

The brief was to unite all engineering disciplines and support, and to promote visual connectivity and communication. Wood and Grieve encourage a culture of transparency and dynamic collaboration throughout the organisation whilst fostering a strong social network. Woodhead have created the ‘kit of parts’ to enable and support this fundamental aspect of Wood and Grieve culture.

The challenge with the multiple level tenancy was to ensure that separation was minimised, to combat this, a large dynamic, interactive social space has been developed on the ground floor, anchored directly off reception and connected to the street. The multifunctional space is the hub of the workplace, facilitating staff and clients in an informal environment to support meetings, functions and a singular space to bring the entire company together.

A common design and graphic language has been developed throughout to strengthen the brand identity and corporate culture whilst acting as a visual link to achieve connectivity between the 2 spaces.

Photography by Martin Farquharson








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