Mon, December 3, 2012

‘White’ Fashion Collection // Andrea Pojezdalova


The main aim of this collection is to revive and present the characteristic features of Slovak folk costumes. Traditional decorative components such as embroidery, lace or lace work are adjusted and used in modern form. Slovak folk costumes are also specific for their richness in material quantity, material stratification and folding. In this collection Andrea tried to demonstrate the suppression of female silhouette in folk costumes by using dress cuts that were inspired by the ideal female proportions from the present times and therefore the dresses completely follow the body of model.

This idea is stressed even by the main material – leatherette, which should resemble the look of second skin. Leatherette is also softened by decoration – Andrea made small holes into leatherette and these resemble the traditional embroidery. In this collection you can feel the contrast between the modern silhouette and décor inspired by past.

For all inquiries please contact Andrea Pojezdalova.

Via Not Just a Label
Images courtesy © Andrea Zvadova








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