Wed, December 5, 2012

Social Shopping at eBay’s London Pop-up Store


Ebay has provided a vision of the future of commerce, with a distinctly social flavour with its seasonal pop-up store in London’s Covent Garden in the West End. This social shopping pop-up store in Covent Garden features screens displaying up to the minute social media trends for the top gifts this Christmas.

Housed in a container box (a la BoxPark – the world’s first pop-up mall), the eBay pop-up social commerce store is best described as a “dynamic virtual store“. It combines the new trend in virtual stores (no products, just images of products projected or postered onto walls – each with scannable buy codes) and Amazon-style recommendations based on what’s popular now – brought in from social network chatter. The result is a dynamic virtual store showing and selling popular seasonal gifts to smartphone wielding consumers.

Additional eye-candy is offered through augmented reality, point your smartphone at an image, and see a 3D overlay of the product. And polish your halo with extra info on how eBay purchases have a social conscience – your eBay purchases help the social enterprise give back to the community.

Via Social Commerce Today








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