Sun, December 9, 2012

‘My Daddy Was A Military Pilot’ SS’2013 Collection // Julian Zigerli


‘My Daddy Was A Military Pilot’ isn’t just the title of Julian Zigerli’s S/S 2013 collection. It is an homage to a shark of the sky, built out of stories, memories and feelings. It is not about the military but the rush associated with being a jet pilot. It is an idea of an incredible power released within you by the thought of flying with supersonic speed. A feeling full of longing, solitude, power and dignity.

Zigerli uses high-grade material, functional design and extraordinary printing, made out of a collaboration with the Berlin artist Fabian Fobbe, to fuel the collection with a heroic character which literally repeals light from it. A collection for a proud man who stays grounded in the past but still reaches for the stars.

For all inquiries please contact Julian Zigerli or check stockists and shop online.

Julian Zigerli








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