Tue, January 8, 2013

#KRJST1# Fashion Collection // KRJST


An emblem of artistic synchronicity, #KRJST1# is born from the meeting, or perhaps confrontation, between two cultures. On one hand, #KRJST1# takes its inspiration from the silent nature of catholicism, exploring its iconography, its symbols and its figures. On the other hand, it draws on hippie culture and a desire for self-expression and sub-culture.

Working in harmony with these two inspirations, #KRJST1# attitude and cut draws on the recurring image of the Rose window and the Virgin. The symbol of the cross with its vertical and horizontal axes evokes memories frozen in time. This reinvented sense of spirituality is then associated with the spirit of Woodstock and its organized chaos and creativity. These influences crystallize in the fragmentation of the collection’s prints and tapestries. The microcosm of opposites is further played with in fine details. The tank top at once evocative and sober, provide contrast in their lightness under over-sized jackets. At the same time, the male-female antagonism becomes a catalyst in the collection’s synergy. For example, its chosen colours reflect this classic binary’s ambivalent but none the less joyous and serene energy. It is doubtless KRJST‘s prints, realized in collaboration with the illustrator Monsieur Pimpant, which constitute the strongest point of the collection. Considered to the smallest detail, these prints are allegorical expressions of #KRJST1#’s ethos, exploring themes of melancholy, alienation, and extravagance. It is from the eclectic association of all these elements, of art, colour, material, and emotions within a structure of intuitive osmosis, that #KRJST1#is born.

For all inquiries please contact designers’ team of KRJST.

Photography by  Sebastien Delahaye








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