Thu, January 17, 2013

‘A Controlled Nature’ AW’2013 Fashion Collection // Ayla Rorvik


Humans have been attempting to control the earth for millennia and with rapid technological developments we have managed to exert undeniable control over the natural environment. With an aim to explore the transformation from a natural world to a man made world, Ayla’s focus lies on the ignorance and facelessness of the white collar workers who execute decisions to continue to build without considering the effects that this may have on the earth’s natural habitat and resources.

Working with a combination of man made and synthetic fiber  layers are built upon layers to create looks dominated by the square shapes and contrasting textures of modern architecture. The desaturation of colour aligns with the stripping back of the beauty of the natural paradise that once existed. This collection is a creative exploration of the control that man has exerted over our natural environment.

For all inquiries please contact Ayla Rorvik or shop online.

Photography by Ashley Church
Ayla Rorvik








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