Mon, February 11, 2013

Classical Villa Near La Mairena


Villa near La Mairena (Marbella) is an amazing oasis of calmness. Timeless interior continues the overall atmosphere of relaxation, created by beautiful surroundings of the Mediterranean. Inspired by Italian architecture of Andrea Palladio, the project reflects an ideal and moderate building while being solemn, responding to a search for balance and symmetry with a logical system of proportions.

The house is space of refined luxury and elegance includes carefully selected antiques, fine rugs, wall decor and furniture. The range of tones shows the great love of the owner by nature. So, ocher, green, blue or turquoise framed with white walls create a sweet and timeless atmosphere, enhanced by the magnificent garden that surrounds the house.

Via Nuevo Estilo
Photography by  +FOTOGÉNICA








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