Tue, February 12, 2013

SS’2013 Fashion Collection // Gianni Serra


Gianni Serra plays with light in building the 2013 Spring/Summer collection. A ray of light cuts across the items, washing away the shadows, infusing warmth. The collection was built with light to dress up the body with pure lines and volumes, to follow a path in an endless quest for the perfect streamline. Useless details have no space in a lean silhouette with perfect proportions.

The jacket is the main item and the whole look is built around it: with male fitting or extremely feminine it plays around with pants and skirts in extreme measures, slim and small or extra-large and over. A basic t-shirt is also key piece: cut, broken into different elements and transformed in something else. It turns into a basic top or a dress, combined with traditionally built jackets and undergarments defining a contemporary look. The choice of materials is also based on light: pure cotton and linen, fine silk, liquid jersey, transparent tulle react to it and play with it. Opaque suede, sequins embroidered on voile and translucent white latex get to absorb and reflect light with different effects. Colour range is based on off white, icy white and sand. Blue navy is a strong contrast. A touch of dusty pink gives warm hues.

For all inquiries please contact Gianni Serra or visit shop in Milano:
The Space Showroom
Piazza Santo Stefano, 5
20122 Milano
Phone: +39 02 45499835

Gianni Serra








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