Wed, February 27, 2013

FW’2013-2014 Fashion Collection // Sylvio Giardina


The melody of Leo Delibes’ Lakme opera acts as a background to the eternal seduction game in the movie “The Hunger”, where sensuality properly merges with dark atmospheres. The new collection by Sylvio Giardina draws its inspiration from the density of this emotional and narrative context and from the proportions unique to the style codes of the 40’s and 50’s fashion.

Entirely played on the harmonious fusion of iconic and artful classic references and of edgy and subtly provocative formal solutions, the new pieces combine classic and sartorial textiles – such as tweed and gabardine – with materials and codes typically associated with fetish clothing (vinyl, mesh, neoprene).

An astonishing mixture of contrasting inputs and suggestions, which inevitably enraptures the sight inside a sophisticated voyeuristic trap. If mesh, as in the bondage practices, follows the contours of the body, partially revealing it, emphasizing cleavage and indulging in the new shoulder proportions, on the opposite, the typically mannish wools cover, in a tight-fitting manner, the silhouette, conjuring up an idea of (malicious) chastity. For example, skirts – although demurely elongated to the calf – cling to the body, strongly enhancing the fluidity of the sinuous line, typical of the gap, purely feminine, between waist and hips. While shoulders – even if notably streamlined, important, statuesque – provide the silhouette with a more polished line and reinforce the sense of compositive eurhythmy of proportions, distinguishing each outfit of the collection.

FW 2013-2014 Fashion Collection by Sylvio Giardina

The collection will be on show from 27th february to 6th March
10:00 am / 7:00 pm
26, rue du Vertbois, Paris

Sylvio Giardina








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