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Shopbop Online Retailer Office // SHoP Architects


When SHoP was commissioned to design a new space for online retailer Shopbop, the goal was to create a branded environment designed around the Shopbop Style Guide. The central figure of the style guide was the lifestyle aesthetic of the Shopbop woman. By abstracting aspects of her life from the way she spends her time to the objects in her home, the resulting design reflects a feminine aesthetic with personal and vintage touches in a trendy, loft-like environment.

The design philosophy simply played color, material, and finish choices against one another: warm tones against neutral, rough textures against smooth and muted surfaces against shiny. The existing space was stripped in order to reveal raw concrete floors and columns and expose the ceilings. Additional industrial materials, such as blackened metal and reclaimed paneling, were added to reinforce the roughness of the existing architectural shell.

Components that were obvious additions to the space were incorporated as sleek elements: minimalist modern workstations, monolithic countertops, and lacquered cabinetry. Workstations were kept virtually uniform, with a limited variety of panel heights in order to minimize visual clutter. Industrial fabrics were used throughout as finishing touches—particularly on more traditionally styled furniture pieces, to further the “rough yet polished” aesthetic.

Shopbop’s signature bright orange was used with restraint. The color was incorporated into the space mostly as an accent—in “peekaboo” moments such as on the inside of a drawer or behind a wood-paneled wall. The visual warmth of the orange is also echoed in material choices such as the antique bronze details and warm wood tones. A lacy tone-on-tone metallic pattern stenciled on the walls contrasts the rough concrete, wood, and steel. These warm touches act as a contrast to the otherwise neutral color palette.

The office maintains a loft-like, open feeling, with a variety of spaces that flow into one another designed for collaborative working, global conferencing, and individual concentration. A pair of nontraditional conference room spaces that look more like a living room and library allows for larger gatherings and internal meetings, visits with designers, or social events. Closing a set of large sliding doors allows the spaces to be open to each other but segregated from the primary work spaces. By locating these gathering spaces adjacent to the private roof deck, the series of rooms flows up toward the roof to create a stunning event space in the evening.

SHoP Architects
Images Courtesy © SHoP Architects


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