Thu, March 21, 2013

‘Beautiful is Just Another Degree Of Terrible’ Collection // Melissanthi Spei


The aim of this project is to study how social and cultural everyday life issues can be translated within fashion context to present a fresh point of view, in this case by bringing new attention to tradition. The collection shows the transformation of a modern citizen to a Carnival daemon through 8 stages. It presents the need of the modern man to escape and go back to his roots for solutions.

There is an emphasis on the cow bells sound and the movement of people in disguises. The bells are a very important element since they are used to wake up the forces of nature and disperse the evil.  The accessories produced challenge and push the boundaries of fashion with the mixture of different materials and textures together. Hardware materials (brushes and pendant drill cups) are used outside their everyday life context creating decorative surfaces – optical illusions of constructed 3D textile using diverse objects. Softer materials contradict the roughness of the hardware textures creating a similar effect such as religious trimmings.

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