Sun, March 24, 2013

‘Fragile Fetus’ Fashion Collection // Tanne Vinter


Designer’s expression originates and transforms in a melancholy avant-garde universe. Tanne Vinter evolves clothes based on a conceptual and sculptural approach to the process through experiments with forms and layers to create unconventional silhouettes.

Tanne works with a minimalistic palette where superfluous details are eliminated, with a focus on the essential design, textures and surfaces – rigorous yet organic, tough yet sensitive, bright yet dark, sensual yet innocent. The garments are constructed with the purpose of packaging the body; manage not to stray away from their original purpose. A clean, minimalist manifestation, were complex simplicity arises.

For all inquiries please contact Tanne Vinter.

Tanne Vinter
Images courtesy © Peter Ravnsborg | MUMILAB








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