Mon, April 8, 2013

Sylvester Koziolek Residence in Berlin


The home of Berlin-based set designer Sylvester Koziolek is quite unusual. He started refurbishment with changing the color of the walls to black. This created a dramatic look of a theatrical stage. With Sylvester Koziolek’s impressive collection of iconic furniture, glass and ceramics the interior was enriched with beautiful details.

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  • Bogdan Kupriienko

    so dark interior! and designer like a don kostelny )

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  • Martin Mahadevan

    I know S. Kotziolek in quite a different context. He sold me a sideboard for 600 Euro, which I paid at once and in cash just to be forthcoming and helpful, and he resold the same piece a short while later to another person without even informing me. For him it seemd absolutely natural. And the he refused to pay back the Money, becoming really aggressive and insolent and threatening, which showed me that he is quite well-practised in this. I even gave him 6 months to pay it back as he feigned some kind dire straits. But that was all tactis. From the start he didn’t want to pay it back as he later admitted with a braod smile of gloating amusment. Considering the generosity i showed to him i can only state what a cunning, devious and loathsome character he has.







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