Thu, April 25, 2013

Apartment in the Center Of Kiev // Olga Akulova


Ukrainian architect Olga Akulova transformed a typical apartment in the centre of Kyiv into a contemporary project. Now the apartment approximately 80 m² has a Scandinavian atmosphere and Italian taste. Architect has extensive experience of working in old buildings in Ukraine’s beautiful but often-unforgiving architecture. There are two floors: the top providing access and holding a private suite for the owner (bedroom, bathroom), and the lower level offering large open-plan space including a living room – the true heart of the interior, the first room you enter and also kitchen. To design a comfortable and cozy space Olga Akulova decided to use mix of warm and cold color palette, best pieces of Italian furniture and some paintings from the owner collection.

Dining area has floor-to-ceiling windows, Kartell chairs and a metal table made by Ukrainian artists. The apartment is at once generous, playful and utilitarian. All these ambiguities and contradictions make it so intriguing. The project is proof that modern living, design and modesty could be found in Ukraine also.

Interior design & styling by Olga Akulova
Images courtesy © Roman Shyshak


  • Bogdan Kupriienko








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