Thu, April 25, 2013

Noxx Room Club // Pinkeye


Covering 230 square metres in origami art might sound absurd at first, but this Japanese art form is what inspired Pinkeye’s somewhat stroboscopic design. The designers wrapped, twisted and folded the walls, floors and lighting into myriad physical and optical layers that invade the space.

Before starting the makeover, Pinkeye scoped out the club’s original features: an all-black space with a dance arena illuminated in red and a bulky DJ booth wrapped around a pillar. In ‘After’ the floor has been given a multi-level appearance ‘to enhance the arena feel’, with electric-blue light strips outlining the shifts in level. A row of white, triangular VIP tables occupies one side of the dance floor, with an upholstered, customized couch carved into the back wall. At the other end, a DJ booth has been constructed next to the bar.

Images courtesy © Arne Jennard








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