Sun, May 5, 2013

‘Object 12-1’ Experimental Fashion Collection // Matija Čop


Object 12-1 is an end-product of university experiment in the multiplication of material which Matija Čop performed as a student of fashion design with the help of mentor Jasminka Končić. In the production of this piece of clothing, a contemporary material is used whose original qualities were preserved to the same degree to which the qualities of the stone used for the construction of the cathedral were preserved. The material feels like EVA or rock when you touch it, but its original look is completely changed.

Object 12-1 is created with the use of the laser cutter and the ‘plug and feather’ mechanics. Its production lasted for three months. The Šibenik cathedral is a chiseled stone building dated from the year 153. Both objects are atypical for their field (fashion and architecture): they exemplify a very inventive use of material, and spontaneously express their own visual culture forming a ‘cape – suit’.
For any inquiries please contact Matija Čop on Not Just a Label.

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