Wed, June 19, 2013

Electric Restaurant // Mathieu Lehanneur and Ana Moussinet


Electric, the new cultural platform in Paris, is already an event in itself: a 1,000 m2 penthouse in which the designer has devised a canopy of sound suspended between heaven and earth, monumental electrical braids emerging like pitch black trees. Impressive by day, magical by night, Electric is a venue which never sleeps.

A lounge interspersed with soundproofed modules and an 80 sq m terrace, Electric is a space equipped with a mixing console whose ballroom floor provides a new perspective over Paris, integrating the ring road as a perpetually moving graphic foreground facing the metal mesh of the Eiffel Tower.

An ephemeral restaurant at lunchtime, a lounge or a club from dusk ‘til dawn, Lehanneur and Ana Moussinet have designed a space which can also be freely customised through video projections and an infinite number of layouts available to its customers.

Images courtesy © Felipe Ribon
Mathieu Lehanneur








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