Fri, February 24, 2012

Mexx Design Centre Amsterdam // Sevil Peach


Mexx wanted their new office to bring together their design, business, showroom and warehousing departments from various disparate locations into one central hub. By bringing everyone together in this way, they could make their new office a focus for all their activities and buyers.

Designers reshaped and soften the 10-storey corporate environment to create a space more suited to a creative business. To give an instant sense of community upon walking through the main door, designers made the atrium the social focus of the building.

The vast scale of the building was reduced by introducing a series of smaller spaces, using individual platforms to connect to an indoor garden running the length of the atrium. The addition of visitor seating, product displays and a café gave the space an even more relaxed, playful feeling.

Photography by Gary Turnbull
Via Sevil Peach








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