Wed, February 22, 2012

Night Club Hotel in Hong Kong // Urbanplunger


The project by the young architectural studio Urbanplunger has been recently awarded the third prize in the Night Club Hotel in Hong Kong international competition.

According to existing situation with extremely compact planning architects have got an idea of pendant architecture. They elevated the object over the ground stripped the cover “rind” down and leant it on the nearest buildings creating the load-bearing frames. This spatial structure like the jet wings let the whole building soar in space.

Due to such design architects created a green square under the building and increased the territory of existed recreation zone. The building communicated with the ground by lifts that go up to the lobby through the nightclubs zone open for all. From the lobby you should use another lifts to get to zones with registered access: hotel, spa centre and etc.

The construction is an architectural parasite that leans on nearest buildings and uses their communication infrastructure. Evacuation is organized through the three bearing “wings” towards the nearest buildings.

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