Thu, February 23, 2012

Beige Shop in Tokyo // Nendo


The shop design for a new women’s clothing brand, BEIGE, to be launched by Japanese apparel corporation Onward Kashiyama.

Architects used three standard elements – the c-beam structural steel used in architectural and interior frames, the walls that hide them and the curtains that are added last to obscure the gaze – but upturned their usual relationship. A framed area stands alone in space, gently cloaked by curtains, and the white walls exist to provide light for the curtains. Hanger rods, light fixtures, torsos and shelves for bags can be freely added to the frame and the shop’s space flexibly reconfigured by repositioning them.

The design uses ordinary materials in a simple way to offer great functionality, and the playfulness inherent in the idea of ‘reshuffling’ the relationship between the materials effectively draws out their charm.

Photography by Masaya Yoshimura
Via Nendo








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