Sun, February 26, 2012

White Temple // Takashi Yamaguchi & Associates


In the northwest of Kyoto, about two hours by from the city center in a region of scenic beauty, the building sits by a broad lake, surrounded by mountains.

The building is a sacred space for honoring maternal ancestors. Buddhist mortuary tablets inscribed with the names of these ancestors are kept here, so that a priest can hold mass for them. Inside the building, was created a space that would envelope visitors in a womb-like atmosphere. In such a space, people might be reminded of their maternal blood relations and feel moved to thankfulness for the gift of life.

During the  day, the building stands forth as a volume, announcing its presence. At night, the building loses its form and subsides into darkness. Only its luminous interior stands forth. The exterior and interior call and respond, while drawing the dynamic power of the land form into an intensified presence, and giving fresh clarity to the beautiful mountains and water. In such a place, we feel inspired to look beyond mundane concerns toward the world of spirit.

Via Takashi Yamaguchi & Associates








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