Sun, February 26, 2012

DreamHost LA Office // O + A


When O+A designed the Dreamhost headquarters in Brea, California the finish palette was white with bright accents. For Dreamhost’s Los Angeles office, the client wanted a darker look– in effect the photo negative of Brea.

Thus white boards in Brea become black boards in Los Angeles. Brea’s white kitchen has black walls in LA. Bright accents are still part of the LA palette, but they are juxtaposed with dark base colors.

The Los Angeles office is located on the 15th floor of a downtown highrise. Design maximizes access to the view, sharing with staff and visitors vistas that in conventional offices might be restricted to executive space. This expansive spirit prevails throughout the office in open workspaces and spacious recreation areas.

Photography by Jasper Sanidad
Via O + A








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