Fri, March 2, 2012

Bastet Collection S/S 12 // Úna Burke


Spring/Summer 2012 has led Úna to be intrigued by the spiritual, symbolic and superstitious burial rituals found in every culture.

Finally focussing on those of the Ancient Egyptians who, through their burial practices, strived for eternal life, Úna studied the various procedures used in the processes of mummification, discovering the reasoning behind the removal of internal organs yet the protection of the heart and the decoration of the sarcophagus and the tomb with protective symbols such as vulture wings, cats and scarab beetles. It was believed that through these processes the soul was protected and aided in the passing through to the afterlife where it would be reborn and in effect ‘death would be cheated’.

As a result of this research Úna has created a collection which contains bodice pieces that protect the heart through forms relating to that of the heart scarab and a human heart shaped hollow vessel to be used as a handbag.

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