Sat, March 3, 2012

Le Ciel Bleu // Noriyuki Otsuka


This shop was designed for a retail complex called LUCUA, which was built as part of the redevelopment of the Umeda area in Osaka. It is a luxurious architectural space of about 250m2 with a ceiling 5m high.

The design contains an interior space which is incorporated in another architectural space. This interior space is a cylinder made with a structurally self-supporting mesh. Because of the size of the feature the architect wanted to avoid integrating it too much with the surrounding space, so it is deliberately aligned it off center from the axis of the building. This layout gives the space a sense of gravity. It also included custom-made hanging light fittings for the cylinder in order to make the interior space the central focus of the design.

Photography by Hiroyuki Hirai
Via Noriyuki Otsuka Design Office Inc. & Frameweb








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