Wed, March 7, 2012

Nuptus S/S 2012 Collection // Sylvio Giardina


Nuptus, the new Spring/Summer 2012 collection by Sylvio Giardina, is inspired by the idea of veil and cloud, seen as ever-changing shapes to search for a new silhouette by subverting the aesthetic, the female body embodies a free and flexible vision opposing to the glossy, standardized imagery of the traditional fashion circuit.

The Spring/Summer 2012 collection draws the body in soft shapes – and being at the same time dynamic, redefining the new lines and sinuous volumes. The core is the idea of the female body’s sphericity, accompanying every outfit, designed just for the purpose of making free the body of every woman.

The movements are fluid, almost liquid and they make concrete themselves by a futuristic use of polyethylene foam and jersey that merges into a whole fabric, giving rise to items having a highly sculptural and plastic impact where the Swarovski crystals inlays slide like drops.

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