Wed, April 4, 2012

“Pure White” Home in Almuñecar // Susanna Cots


White is the color of sunlight and the union of all colors, from here the idea was born to ​​design this space, a house built above the sea, in which the light fills every room. The house is divided into five zones. The service part, designed to accommodate up to five people, is designed in white, both the furniture and decor. The children’s part, that includes the smaller rooms and a living room, is the only area where designers have applied a touch of color.

The living area, where the living room – dining room is, was designed with the intention of introducing the outside inside, so that a deep blue sea fills you from the couch.

At the top of the house, there is a cubicle which houses the master suite, all designed in white except for one long black carpet that runs through the room, and some elements of decoration in antiqued silver.









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