Thu, April 5, 2012

House in Calaf // Susanna Cots


A unique, as is a listed farmhouse in 1870, exudes a warmth only by its environment, its history and its roots in the past, without losing sight of the horizon. The values ​​that emerge when entering the house are the engine that has motivated Susanna Cots to make interior design you are looking for functionality and comfort as principal axes.

The warmth of this space is achieved playing with soft colors and fine materials. Wood has the power to create an atmosphere of strength and, at the same time emotional. The stone has been in the building, is part of the essence of the house and reinforces the concept of union between past and present.

The white color on this occasion, intervened to give a touch of serenity and calm necessary for guests staying at this charming little place to feel at home.

Via Susanna Cots








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