Sat, April 7, 2012

Awesome Interior Of Fenton&Fenton Shop


Lucy Fenton has founded Fenton&Fenton out of a desire to combine her love of travel with her passion for vibrant and unusual home furnishings and artefacts. With extensive experience garnered working and travelling alongside veterans of the industry, Lucy discovered that the design vision which had taken root and burst into vibrant bloom in her imagination could only be inhibited by the design conventions of old. Consequently, the range at Fenton&Fenton reflects Lucy’s bold and adventurous spirit, her love of colour and expresses a style that dares to mix and match objects, origins and eras.

Fenton&Fenton offers a unique shopping experience with an eclectic collection of home wares & lifestyle products. Antique, reproduction and recycled timber furniture pieces accord with vivid textiles, one-off curios, artwork, fashion and jewellery all individually and ethically sourced from colourful destinations abroad and close to home.

If you liked something, then take a look at their online store here full of amazing furniture and accessories.

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