Sun, April 8, 2012

House Balalla Kavanagh // Tribe Studio


This renovation and extension of a Victorian Terrace is in the densely packed Queens Park conservation area of Sydney. Original front rooms are retained and restored, while the ad hock structures of the last few decades are razed in favour of a new, clear pavilion at the rear. This pavilion opens up to the north on the long side, providing beautiful light and generous access to sky, which is a luxury in these tight subdivisions. The highlight windows frame the exuberant view of a neighbouring date palm.

Two new bedrooms and a bathroom are shoe-horned into the attic space over the old house, affording a city skyline view. A tiny courtyard off the new bathroom at the centre of the house means that all rooms are attached to the outside. While the house is now generous in its accommodation, it retains a sense of intimacy for a young family.

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