Tue, April 10, 2012

Stunning Minimalist House // Barbara Hill


Barbara achieved a “mellow feel” in her space using only dessert colors and earth tones. There’s no paint in the house, and everything is natural – all steel, plaster and wood. Barbara purchased the turn of the century private dance hall when it was in ruins. It had been vacant for years, completely filled with trash, and took her months to clean out.

The style and decor of Barbara’s home is an ode to turn-of-the-century design and the old west. There are many old, reclaimed items throughout Barbara’s home, because she wanted the furniture to reflect the natural feel of the home. Her space features an old mail sorting table from France, a 10-foot-wide sink she found in Houston and vintage chairs from the 60s. Her headboard is made out of a Texas pecan tree, and a pair of cowboy boots she wore at age 4 are set on display.

Via Barbara Hill








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