Wed, April 11, 2012

Berani Jewellery // Prototype Design Lab Inc.


Berani Jewellery is a high-end jewelry store conceived of a harmonious balance between sophisticated function and cozy experience. Luxurious materials, custom upholstery and contemporary detailing provide the framework for this space. Almost every single element was custom designed and made for this project.

Shoppers are drawn into the store on a pathway of oversized, marble slabs, under a floating ceiling with glowing edges. In the centre of the space are a series of black Nymphaea, sprouting from the ground, on which jewelry sparkles like dew drops on lily pads. To accentuate the compressed area, individual crystals are suspended above each display. Around the perimeter of the store, the intricate grain of Brazilian Santos Rosewood runs horizontally on floor-to-ceiling cabinets, creating a backdrop for the myriad of textures and layers. Customized canopy chairs provide clients with a sense of privacy for one-on-one meetings with sales associates.

Photography by Ben Rahn/A-Frame
Via Prototype Design Lab Inc.








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