Thu, April 12, 2012

Stunning ‘Golden Autumn Tone’ Interior // Pal Pang / Another Design


‘Golden Autumn Tone’ is a design scheme partly drawn from the style of the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, with a special emphasis on current modern design characteristics. The design creates an atmosphere of that is both spacious and yet warm. Any dining and living room designed with ‘Golden Autumn Tone’ can make any family meeting seem like a special event.

It took interior designer Pal Pang a year to create special residential units for the Mount East Project which is a current project being built by a Hong Kong real estate developer. Each and every piece of furniture was specially custom made for this project with superior materials.

The ‘Golden Autumn’ Design Scheme does not require any retro classic or modern stylish approach to luxury packaging. High definition design is unique and high quality, especially in terms of material, construction and workmanship, so much so that it constitutes a work of art.

Photography by Virgin Simon Bertrand
This beautiful project has been submitted on Afflante by Another Design








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