Sat, April 14, 2012

Charmed Home Interior // Lena Larionova


This interior designed by Lena Larionova is filled with warmth and charm, it also has a sense of a fairytale in it due to interesting use of the mirrors and reflections.

Description from Lena Larionova: “The doors and shutters are open to enlighten the chambers of the houses. Their transparency grows milder for the remote rooms. These are inhabited by children who play hide-and-seek. The best is to hide from the rest of the world which is diverse and wild with the wind of changes. It rises up the staircase from the entrance to the hall, makes the windows reflection in the mirrors of the fireplace and glasses at the dinner, a-lee the counterpane rustles by the images of the nurseries.”

Photography by Evgeny Gurko
Via Lena Larionova








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