Sat, April 14, 2012

Waiting For Climate Change at Beaufort04 // Isaac Cordal


Spanish-born, Brussels-based artist Isaac Cordal has developed a miniature environmental installation series entitled ‘waiting for climate change’. The collection of small sculptures were created by Cordal as a commentary upon stereotypes of individuals from various backgrounds confronting the issue of climate change in their differing ways.

The artist’s treatment of each miniature character speaks to a passivity many people feel towards the seemingly futile state of the earth’s health. cordal’s temporary works exist in public spaces; the absence of walls surrounding the exhibit allows for the pieces to be accessed by passers-by in addition to the viewers who would normally seek out the artist’s work.

The assemblage of carved figurines, all measuring no larger than 25 cm, have been placed throughout thirty locations across nine coastal municipalities of the Flemish coast. In addition to the miniature subjects displayed on the beaches of de Panne, Belgium, and other sea-side locations, the artist has also developed several pieces to be shown at Villa de Chalutier, located in de Panne as well.

Cordal’s ‘Waiting For Climate Change’ has been developed for the Fourth Triennial Of Contemporary Art By the Sea in 2012, Beaufort04.

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