Sun, April 15, 2012

Café Kureon // Kengo Kuma and Associates


The architects wanted to create a building like a forest by piling up pieces of wood, rather than joining them together. The element we chose was an ordinary and affordable rectangular timber sectioned in 105mm. Without giving any special treatment to the wood, architects sought to realize an organic space like a forest, simply by accumulating the timbers.

The idea of making an organic and fluid space with small and light materials has been developed through their past projects, such as GC Prostho Museum Research center or Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum. Since the timber is free of special treatment, it can easily go back to its initial state when the building needs to be disassembled and moved. This method takes full advantage of the flexibility of the wooden structure, which is not possible in concrete.

Via Kengo Kuma and Associates








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