Mon, April 16, 2012

‘Overcome’ Effeminate Collection AW’12 // Úna Burke


Autumn/Winter 2012 has seen the work of Úna Burke move forward a new direction. Her commonly restrictive silhouettes have developed into more fluid and gentle curves which wrap about the body in a softer and more effeminate collection. Using her skills in traditional leatherworking, Úna has created both spiralling and spiky forms inspired by watery imagery and her conflicting relationship with this element, powerful enough to both give life and cause devastation.

In researching this subject Úna visited the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, in the aim of examining the many aspects of how our world has changed as a result of the sea. Here she discovered an amazing gilded vessel that influenced hugely, the aesthetic of this new collection.

Úna Burke dedicated this collection to a very special family friend who passed away in San Francisco last January. Úna tells: “Kate McGuire was a truly wonderful person who found the light in every darkness and had a strength and positivity beyond belief. Her passing has put a lot of things in perspective and has given me a new sense of calm, helping me overcome my stormy waters, unleashing my creativity. Perhaps my attraction to the royal barge was somehow related to the knowledge that Kate was so proud of her roots which she had traced back to Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine…”

Photography by Elena Pirogova
Via Not Just a Label








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