Wed, April 18, 2012

Luxurious 88M Musashi Yacht // SINOT


One of the key challenges in the design of Super Yachts is to conceive the structure in such a way that there is an ultimate experience of light and spaciousness inside. The Musashi is designed and built to provide ultimate user-friendliness, luxury and privacy to the owner, his family and guests. For example the exquisite grand windows, which were designed in an exceptionally large format thanks to the yacht’s special reinforced web structure. The Yacht’s large decks and spectacular long passages will allow its user to experience the same feeling of openness and luxury.

Besides that a number of elements stand out in the yachts stunning design, including the spacious geometric teak-inlaid decks, the top-deck pool, the basketball court, the custom designed guardrail, which blends organic and geometric forms.

The interior of Musashi is designed with optimum user friendliness and comfort in mind. To achieve this, we selected the finest and most luxurious materials, applying the clear lines of Japanese design in combination with Art Deco elements. All of the yachts furniture is custom designed and the balanced application of stainless steel creates a strong unity between the different elements onboard. Other remarkable features include the use of fine woods and other natural materials, such as the high quality, specially selected Jerusalem Gold marble that was used in all the bathrooms and the fine leather clad doors and hallways throughout the yachts interior. The glass and stainless steel floating staircase forms a central feature on Musashi. The steps are composed of several layers of refined glass that are compressed to form a whole with their stainless steel casing. They eye catching floating element is highlighted trough the use of LED down lights and lateral lighting that is incorporated into the steps. The glass In addition to the built-in and custom-made loose furniture, we selected and placed all the artwork onboard.



  • Tracey Jones

    Absolutely STUNNING!!! Fantastic Project







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