Wed, April 18, 2012

Malarnia Theater Renovation // Trabendo


The extension of the historical building of Malarnia – the Polski Theater in Poznan intimate scene includes the reconstruction of the existing theater space, improved by the new technical facilities, moreover creation of the new small building that links two of the existing buildings of the theater, and finally the construction of the underground storage facilities.

Behind the glass facade there is a small entrance foyer and the black box – central element of the new building – with cloakroom and toilets for the spectators. Above the enlarged theatrical space there is a suspended technical platform, that allows to take full advantage of the spatial qualities of Malarnia.

On the mezzanine there are rooms for technical staff. Because of the possibilities of creating any theatrical space as well as any auditorium arrangement, the new interior of the Malarnia building is the place of existing interactions between the stage and audience.

Photography by Jeremi Buczkowski
Via Trabendo








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