Wed, April 18, 2012

Decos Office in Noordwijk, the Netherlands // Inbo Archtiects


The new headquarters of the Decos Technology Group in Noordwijk (NL) has recently officially been opened. The commission for the building was acquired by Inbo Architects from the Netherlands in a competition between renowned Dutch offices. The new headquarters has been designed to symbolize the intangible cutting-edge technologies the company develops and uses, ensuring the leading position Decos has through their companies philosophy. Systems for paperless environments and fleet management ensures personnel can work wherever they may be. This approach offered the designers an opportunity to fundamentally reconsider the office space and the way people work.

The building therefore has been adapted to accommodate all the fluctuations of occupation and variations of flexible spaces for working and meeting places, this contemporary way of working acquires. A braving ambition of the client has led to the realization of this very unique design and of an important personal dream.

No paper means no archiving cabinets or orders and employees with laptops can have flexible workstations. The interior comprises of a selection of meeting rooms for long and short meetings, large and small. Some for standing up, lounging or spots for informal meeting, but also a large multi-functional conference room, coffee-corner, brainstorm space and a game room.

A central strip in the building contain most of the meeting spaces, toilets elevator and other necessities. Stairs have been places in and near the voids to encourage the use of stairways and to enjoy the spatial effects of the skin. The new building is a daring and powerful statement answering the demands of the global operating company.

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