Sat, April 28, 2012

Ett Hem Hotel // Ilse Crawford


Built in the first years of the twentieth century, this building was home to a government official and his wife, a lady with a love for the aesthetics of Karin Larsson, who collected objects, textiles and furniture from all over Sweden. This was a time when the home became the focus of art and life, and design was integrated into the everyday. The influence of the Arts & Crafts, the romantic notion of national character and the delight in the design of useful things, combined with an impulse to embed a family in a place through architecture. All together this created a very special moment for domestic architecture in Sweden.

Ett Hem, built in 1910, dates from this moment. The house in Sköldungagatan was designed by architect Fredrik Dahlberg. With its protective brick shell it weaves a coat against the harsh Swedish winter. In its interiors it has both the robust, dark-timber- lined rooms of public life, the masculine realms. And the feminine realm of the private. Upstairs the house evokes the summery whiteness and lightness of Carl Larsson’s super Scandinavian interiors, feminine family spaces suffused with sun. Ett Hem has always been a container of beautiful things, the finest furniture, antiques and design. Today its spaces are inhabited not only by guests but by objects and art with real stories and histories, things that frame moments in a life.

Via Studio Ilse Crawford, Ett Hem Hotel








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