Mon, May 6, 2013

House in Urgnano // Matteo Casari Architetti


The house designed by Matteo Casari Architetti was built on a small lot within a an extension of residential area Urgnano. Concrete anthracite box rises of the ground and offering a striking contrast with glass and azure water of the swimming pool. The form of the house is rather minimalist, interiors keep the same style with a few bright accents of furniture pieces.

Forum Limbach – House on the House // Looping Architecture


Old farm houses tell stories, style and choice of material disclose what was erected when and for what purpose. In Limbach, a farmyard was expanded by an architecturally exciting chapter; the annex serves as a discussion forum and venue. On top sits the upper storey as “house on the house” with the principal’s private rooms. The new building, fitted into the historically grown farmyard structure, closes the rural square edifice and at the same time opens up the previously enclosed inner yard. This apparently contradictory double function is made possible by the building’s clever horizontal bisection.

Thu, April 25, 2013

Montauk Lake House // Robert Young Architect


Designed to accommodate a growing family and close friends, this lake-front compound includes a 4,500-square-foot main house with 50-foot lap pool, an 1800-square-foot three-bedroom guest house, and a barn. An aggregate of smaller, informal living spaces carefully composed to disguise the bulk of the building and create a variety of views and experiences, each structure centers on a great room open to the northern water views and the southern sun and breezes.

Tue, April 16, 2013

Hunting Lodge on a Game Preserve // BASARCH


Existing green mound, protecting the open fields of the game preserve from the bustle of the road became a refuge for hunting lodge – a lookout, which replaced original technically unsuitable structure. Above all, the lodge provides necessary facilities for the game preserve, as well as becomes a place of encounters, whether with friends or of romantic views of the surrounding countryside.

Mon, April 15, 2013

Chair House Concept // Igor Sirotov


Ukrainian architect Igor Sirotov has presented residential concept ‘Chair House’ which aims to provide a comfortable peaceful domestic environment contrasting the harsh rocky landscape in which it is situated. Interior features a palette of exposed concrete, natural wood floors and dark stone panels create a strong relaxing atmosphere, setting up a dark neutral backdrop for the contrastingly characteristic furnishings.

Nefaresearch Architectural Studio Office // Nefa Research


Office of architectural studio Nefa Research is situated in the building of former factory “Flakon” in Moscow and is formed by geometric multi-level construction. The idea of industrial office with unusual structured space was created by Nefa Research. Most of the furniture was made from architects’ sketches.

Sun, April 7, 2013

House in Yoro // Airhouse Design Office


One of the client’s major requirements was for a living space where the presence of the family would always be felt. In response, Airhouse Design Office devised a single-roomed layout without columns that took advantage of the distinctive features of the existing warehouse. A large kitchen was installed to cater to the needs of the food-loving husband-and-wife couple.

Wed, April 3, 2013

House at Extremadura // ABATON Arquitectura


Located in a privileged environment in the province of Caceres, the goal was to transform an abandoned stable into a family home by completely renovating it in a way that would be consistent and respectful with the environment.

Casa Estudio-HXMX // BGP Arquitectura


The project involves renovation and expansion of a house ranked as heritage and located in the Roma Norte in Mexico City. The intervention into the original house refreshed the front while keeping the original look of the facade and included re-structuring the rest of the building as it was damaged over the years.

Sun, March 31, 2013

House Refurbishment in Nou Barris, Barcelona / ARCHITECTURE-G


The project comes from a young couple with two small children, so the house should match the changing needs of the family throughout their life. The project focuses on making the entire floor of the property with logical flow between the areas.

Thu, March 28, 2013

Auckland City House // Architex


This inner city home is designed for a single client as a retreat from a busy professional life. The 400 m2 site was purchased with an approved Resource Consent for a family home – and so a revised brief was developed to fit into the approved envelope. The site is developed to its maximum both visually and physically, with a play on transparency and the flow of spaces from in to out. A variety of outdoor rooms complement the bold pavilion forms. They are linked by a circulation gallery – which also creates an axial focus for the full length of the site on entry.

Hotel Moure // Abalo Alonso Arquitectos


At the beginning the building was still working as a student’s guesthouse accommodating the owners’ dwelling on the first floor. Two main interventions have been performed on the ground floor. Firstly, entry to the building has been reduced favoring access, and both ramp and steps have been refitted to create the waiting area without resorting to the standard check-in desk. The rear part of the building has been pierced by a patio, which polarizes, illuminates, ventilates and shapes the limits in between rooms. Auxiliary services are contained in four wood boxes.

Tue, March 26, 2013

Minimalist House T // Tsukano Architect Office


This scheme has been planned for the downtown in Miyazaki, located in Southern Japan. The road in front is so busy and noisy, and there are tall buildings for residence at the south. Considering all these factors, Tsukano Architect Office came up with a brilliant idea to harmonize with the circumstances having a piece of white plate wrap the whole home space. With the white plate, the house can get separated from outer crowdedness, while sun light is allowed to come into the courtyard, which makes inner space warm and brighter.

Hotel ME // Foster and Partners


The ME Hotel – the first flagship hotel in which everything, from the shell of the building to the bathroom fittings has been designed by Foster + Partners – has opened in London. An elegant fusion of interior and exterior design, the scheme completes the grand sweep of buildings that make up the Aldwych Crescent, repairing the urban grain and restoring a little lost glamour to the heart of the West End.

Fri, March 22, 2013

Norwich Drive Residence // Clive Wilkinson Architects


Clive Wilkinson acquired the site adjacent to colorful Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood and constructed a new house for his own use. The design needed to express the transition from commercial strip to small scale residential neighborhood, so the scale and detail respond to both conditions. Construction is simple cubic stucco forms, with exposed wood structure, and softened with landscaping.

Wed, March 20, 2013

Pontifical Seminary Conversion in Tarragona // ON-A


The project focuses on the conversion of the Seminary of Tarragona into a cultural space and a landmark for the city. A prestigious research centre where science, art, religion and history are part of the essence of the project. A clear intention to open the building to the public, to discover all its rooms and show the world a unique cultural heritage that is now hidden.

Tue, March 19, 2013

House in Muko // Fujiwaramuro Architects


A mezzanine-floored residence consisting of a single-roomed space, located on a fan-shaped site. The movements of the sun can be felt inside the house all throughout the year. Light coming from the east strikes the louvered boards before entering the house and reaching deep into its interior. Direct sunlight from the south traces a shower-like path of lines as it penetrates into the building. Light coming from the west reflects off the walls of this house with an open stairwell before entering it.

Mon, March 18, 2013

House in Sanbonmatsu // Hironaka Ogawa


This house is a private residence which is situated along the road in the Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku. It is 2-storey building with a balanced external shape. House was designed in a way that allows space to flow and forms an unusual volume. From the rooms opens a beautiful view on the garden thus creating relaxed and calm atmosphere.

Fri, March 15, 2013

Ormond College Academic Centre // McGlashan Everist Architects


McGlashan Everist Architects’ adaptive reuse of Romberg & Boyd’s heritage-listed building supports diverse learning styles and access to knowledge in its many forms. The inspiring design creates flexible spaces and integrates the library, digital technology and educative modes. The faceted lantern draws on Islamic architecture and the tradition of reading-room domes, while sculpted joinery frames views to the outside and select materials offer warmth, tactility, calm and acoustic control.

Wed, March 13, 2013

Marseille’s Vieux Port // Foster + Partners


Marseille’s Vieux Port is one of the grand Mediterranean ports, but over time the World Heritage-listed site has become inaccessible to pedestrians and has been cut off from the life of the city. The masterplan for its regeneration will reclaim the quaysides as a civic space, creating new informal venues for performances and events and removing traffic to create a safe, semi-pedestrianised public realm. Its transformation is one of a series of projects to be completed in time for the city’s inauguration as European Capital of Culture in 2013.

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