Wed, June 19, 2013

AW’2013-2014 Fashion Collection // Christina Steiner | GON


GON is a fashion label created by Christina Steiner, a graduate of Raf Simons and Veronique Branquinho at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Dressing, housing, playing and collecting are the most important terms in the label’s philosophy. The creative approach relies a lot on information and impressions gained by collecting and researching from a wide variety of topics such as nature, culture or history.

Vanishing Point Installation // UVA


Vanishing Point employs perspective as both tool and visual outcome to reshape, redefine and represent a space. Inspired by sketches of Leon Battista Alberti, Leonardo DaVinci and Albrecht Dürer, UVA sends lines into space from an arbitrary vanishing point, creating different volumes, divisions and rooms to be explored by the audience.

Electric Restaurant // Mathieu Lehanneur and Ana Moussinet


Electric, the new cultural platform in Paris, is already an event in itself: a 1,000 m2 penthouse in which the designer has devised a canopy of sound suspended between heaven and earth, monumental electrical braids emerging like pitch black trees. Impressive by day, magical by night, Electric is a venue which never sleeps.

‘Trace’ Fashion Collection // Ida Klamborn


Ida Klamborn is a Swedish fashion designer. The language and focus in her work can be seen as a balanced union between color, shape and material where the momentum is to explore and develop simple ideas.

Mon, May 6, 2013

House in Urgnano // Matteo Casari Architetti


The house designed by Matteo Casari Architetti was built on a small lot within a an extension of residential area Urgnano. Concrete anthracite box rises of the ground and offering a striking contrast with glass and azure water of the swimming pool. The form of the house is rather minimalist, interiors keep the same style with a few bright accents of furniture pieces.

Forum Limbach – House on the House // Looping Architecture


Old farm houses tell stories, style and choice of material disclose what was erected when and for what purpose. In Limbach, a farmyard was expanded by an architecturally exciting chapter; the annex serves as a discussion forum and venue. On top sits the upper storey as “house on the house” with the principal’s private rooms. The new building, fitted into the historically grown farmyard structure, closes the rural square edifice and at the same time opens up the previously enclosed inner yard. This apparently contradictory double function is made possible by the building’s clever horizontal bisection.

Sun, May 5, 2013

‘Object 12-1′ Experimental Fashion Collection // Matija Čop


Object 12-1 is an end-product of university experiment in the multiplication of material which Matija Čop performed as a student of fashion design with the help of mentor Jasminka Končić. In the production of this piece of clothing, a contemporary material is used whose original qualities were preserved to the same degree to which the qualities of the stone used for the construction of the cathedral were preserved. The material feels like EVA or rock when you touch it, but its original look is completely changed.

Tue, April 30, 2013

The Hear Heres at Kedleston Hall // Studio Weave


Set within the stunning parkland surrounding the Grade I Listed Kedleston Hall, Derby, the Hear Heres offer visitors an immersive and interactive experience that invites curiosity. In response to the competition brief, which called for new perspectives of the National Trust property, Studio Weave has designed a series of four structures that play with sound and open up auditory vistas in the landscape. The Hear Heres encourage people to explore the landscape and expend energy, but at the same time offer spaces for moments of quiet reflection and soaking up the sounds and sights of this extraordinary setting.

Mon, April 29, 2013

‘Everything and the Kitchen Sink’ Fashion Collection // Hannah Goff


With a heavy influence on print, pattern a texture, Hannah Goff sets out to create beauty in the overlooked problems and commonplace objects of our world. Hannah Goff’s signature is original print design (created by the designer) and collage of multiple prints and fabrications to create a single garment. Eye catching textiles are paired into easy, streamlined silhouettes with fun and engaging details and texture.

The Survey Co Restaurant in Brisbane // Richards & Spence


The Survey Co Restaurant in Brisbane was completed last year by architecture firm Richards & Spence formed by Ingrid Richards and Adrian Spence. Interiors feature a raw, organic palette of cork, timber, brass and steel that works beautifully with the rough brick of the original walls. Lighting drops over tables through cylinders of copper piping.

Villa Bloemendaal // i29 | interior architects


Close to Bloemendaal, on the edge of the Kennemer dunes, the site of Villa Bloemendaal is situated. A sustainable home that follows a minimalistic design and shows respect for man and nature alike, in a unique residential area where the existing flora and fauna are given full rein.

Fri, April 26, 2013

Splash Laudromat in Barcelona // Frederic Perers


Interior designer Frederic Perers and graphic designer Gemma Alberich have selected steel as the vertical surface element in the area of washing machines and dryers, which disappear under it. The orange tone, everywhere, reflects in the steel and serves as a warm counter element to the coldness of the metal. The remaining areas are treated with neutral elements: shiny white tiles – commonly used in spaces with water, light coloured floor and a false ceiling made with black vertical plates.

Thu, April 25, 2013

‘Overground’ AW’2013-2014 Fashion Collection // DZHUS


Architectonic design of the collection interprets monumental structure of industrial objects. Style of the garments glorifies sublime technocratic aesthetics and functionalist utilitarian constructions. High quality of specifically textured fabrics equalizes commercial aspect of the pieces with their grandiose idea.

Papiota Bar in Bucharest // Corvin Cristian & Vlad Vieru


Papiota (the Spool) is a tailor shop ‘themed’ bar, the third in a series inspired by the trades specific for Lipscani area which used to be the commercial center of Bucharest. Nowadays all the small shops are swept away by bars an clubs. Papiota has a 60’s touch, the period when this kind of shops flourished.

Noxx Room Club // Pinkeye


Covering 230 square metres in origami art might sound absurd at first, but this Japanese art form is what inspired Pinkeye’s somewhat stroboscopic design. The designers wrapped, twisted and folded the walls, floors and lighting into myriad physical and optical layers that invade the space.

Montauk Lake House // Robert Young Architect


Designed to accommodate a growing family and close friends, this lake-front compound includes a 4,500-square-foot main house with 50-foot lap pool, an 1800-square-foot three-bedroom guest house, and a barn. An aggregate of smaller, informal living spaces carefully composed to disguise the bulk of the building and create a variety of views and experiences, each structure centers on a great room open to the northern water views and the southern sun and breezes.

Apartment in the Center Of Kiev // Olga Akulova


Ukrainian architect Olga Akulova transformed a typical apartment in the centre of Kyiv into a contemporary project. Now the apartment approximately 80 m² has a Scandinavian atmosphere and Italian taste. Architect has extensive experience of working in old buildings in Ukraine’s beautiful but often-unforgiving architecture. There are two floors: the top providing access and holding a private suite for the owner (bedroom, bathroom), and the lower level offering large open-plan space including a living room – the true heart of the interior, the first room you enter and also kitchen. To design a comfortable and cozy space Olga Akulova decided to use mix of warm and cold color palette, best pieces of Italian furniture and some paintings from the owner collection.

Tue, April 16, 2013

Hunting Lodge on a Game Preserve // BASARCH


Existing green mound, protecting the open fields of the game preserve from the bustle of the road became a refuge for hunting lodge – a lookout, which replaced original technically unsuitable structure. Above all, the lodge provides necessary facilities for the game preserve, as well as becomes a place of encounters, whether with friends or of romantic views of the surrounding countryside.

Emerald Penthouse Concept // Sergey Makhno Workshop


Sergey Makhno Workshop has recently created a concept of loft-like Emerald penthouse in Ukraine. The space with huge windows has amazingly stylish interior with rich materials’ palette and elegant proportions of overall composition.

Headvertising Offices // Corvin Cristian


In the old Romanian Stock Exchange building, the shipping case themed furniture acts as storage, dividing walls, young dynamic company statement and reverence on the genius loci. Designer Corvin Cristian for his interior concept created an interesting associations chain: stock exchange > moving goods > advertising agency > moving brands, which is moving goods as well > moving shipping cases.

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